100% done…ready to test

The Mistress is finally ready to ride again.  As of 7:50 this evening, all needed maintenance and upgrades on the Ultra Classic has been finished.  And what a hectic 4 months and 18 days it has been; between work needs, Indiana’s record setting cold and snowfall, and life commitments, it seemed to take forever to get all the required work finished.

Let’s see…what all got done….well…

  • New tires (Dunlop Elite 3), brakes, wheel bearings – front and back.  Old tires had 12K miles on them and I could easily have gone another 7-8K on them; but now was the time to replace them as they needed to come off to swap out the shocks anyways.
  • The longest job was the replacement of the front shocks with Progressive Monotubes, using two spacers to maintain the height and achieve the desired ride quality.
  • Rear air shocks were replaced with Progressive 444 HD hand-adjustable shocks.
  • New Deka/Big Crank ETX30L 400 CCA battery installed.
  • 30,000 maintenance past due was successfully performed, including getting to the near inaccessible steering head bearing zirk fitting that took nearly an entire tube of Lucas Oil’s Red ‘N Tacky grease to properly lubricate it.
  • The stereo, CB radio, speakers, and amplifier wiring was all taken out and rewired, shrink-wrapped, and secured.
  • New spark plugs installed, and spark plug wires cleaned.
  • A Zumo 660 GPS was permanently installed, using the spare connector on the headlight harness for power.
  • Permanent installation of heated gear wiring going under the seat to the spare accessory controller switch.
  • Clutch inspection and adjustment.
  • New fluids for the oil, clutch, primary (I always use Redline synthetic products).
  • Handlebar grips replaced with another set of the Performance Machine Renthal grips.
  • CB radio was re-tuned and works again.
  • Entire Bluetooth solution has been installed, including the SENA SMH10D-11 and SM10 systems.  The Harmon Kardon radio, CB, and the GPS are now all operating wirelessly when I want them to.
  • New electronics gear has been tested, including Drift Innovation Ghost-S action cameras, the satellite accessible inReach SE Sat messenger system,
  • Made up a new tool kit, including maxi-fuse, regular fuses, and new tools to carry along.
  • Added a secondary tire repair kit since it takes up almost no space.
  • And probably did another half dozen things at the very least that I cannot remember off the top of my head.
Yep, the ol’ Mistress is ready to get her groove back on.  Just need to get some miles on her to wear everything in, identify issues that are still there, and test all the new gadgets.  I hear the weather is supposed to be getting better over the next week, so it may be time to start riding her to work.

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