187 days

One holiday down (Thanksgiving), one holiday (Christmas) to go in 2014.  It’s been a rather mediocre year, seeing motorcycle rides to Utah, Colorado, and Virginia.  None of those journeys were without problems though.  I am hoping that 2015 brings about a journey that touches my soul and provides opportunities for many new discoveries.

All of the work on Vstrom is now finished.  The new front and rear suspension are dialed in and the Suzuki is being ridden when opportunities present their self.  I really can’t think of any thing that it needs before heading out on a great adventure, other than a final checkup before leaving next summer.

Weather has been cold and wet so I’m trying to prevent getting a case of pneumonia and the bike is connected to its battery tender in the garage for now.  I am hoping to get it out and ride to work a few times this winter once the precipitation disappears.  I don’t mind the cold, wet, or windy…but I do not take the bike out of the garage intentionally when all three exist.

187 days to go until departure for Alaska!

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