Going to Rolling Thunder 2012

My wife and I are tentatively planning on participating in Rolling Thunder 2012 in Washington, D.C. We’ve never been, and so far, looks like we are able to get time off of work. This is the 25th anniversary of this ride, and one we both have wanted to do for years. So, we’re looking forward to planning the ride over the winter months, and accompanying our riding friends on a journey that is sure to be emotional and spiritually fulfilling. For the 2011 ride, over 400,000 bikes participated. The goal for 2012 is 500,000 – 1,000,000 motorcyclists to attend this day of remembering those that served, and gave their lives so that each of us may enjoy the freedoms we have.

More information to come.

The new site is up!

Well, that wasn’t too hard.  The new blog site is up and running, at least in my tired-eyes view.  Only took half a day to get things situated correctly, but well worth it.  Here’s some changes you may or may not have noticed already:

  • A new URL!  Instead of remembering the domain address of the Asphalt Journey site was at http://harleyultra.blogspot.com, it’s now being hosted at http://www.asphaltjourney.com directly. Please make sure to update your bookmarks!!!
  • Comment areas are now available in each posting.  Had problems with this before, as many pages would not display an area for readers to post any comments that they liked.  Simply click on a posting title or header, and it takes you to a page with just that post.  At the bottom, each page will now have a comments area for you to share your own thoughts.
  • There’s some subtle changes to the overall design of the site.  Look around, you will find them.
  • Found some new blogging software for the iPad, called Blogsy.  I’ll be trying it out, starting tomorrow…should take care of my issues with accessing the blog remotely, and the formatting issues as well when using mobile tools.  Now, just to find something suitable for the iPhone usage.
Now that the cold of winter is approaching, there won’t be many more ride reports for the new few months.  However, it gives me the chance to write about some other thoughts riding related, and I do have a few big rides planned for next year which I’ll be thinking out loud on the site here.  Now that the correct tools are falling into place, I’m getting excited about getting the blog going again!


What started out as a great idea of creating a blog that I could write to and document thoughts and journeys has turned into a major headache over the last couple of months trying to keep this fun for me.  The blog seems to be have become problematic in its functionality.  Posts disappear when saved, the spell checker changes words on its own (and sometimes screws up the actual grammar), and formatting isn’t saving correctly as entered.

To top it all off, a program I was using on my iPhone and iPad to do mobile updating hasn’t worked in over a month.  Some of these problems came from Apple’s iOS 5 upgrade, while parts of it comes from developers of the programs as well as Blogger itself.  I think I can track most of it back to using a free blog service, and the apps on my mobile device that weren’t upgraded correctly.

I initially chose to put my blog on this site for a couple of reasons…it is free…and it was easier to set up than other blogging sites.  You get what you pay for, I guess.  Knowing that I did enjoy the functionality of updating and maintaining a blog when it worked has pushed me to dig in the wallet, and actually pay for a decent blog presence in a way I could control things better.

Time to upgrade, so I’ll be setting up the new site, with a lot more functionality than what is available here.  Guess it gives me something to do this weekend anyways.  It will be easier to navigate for both me and my readers, and will have more features for everybody.

Anyways, I’ll update here when its completed, and set up the auto-forwarding to the new site.  The overall appearance should be close to the same, but I’ll be tinkering with the design a little more so be prepared for some additional changes after it’s going again. I think I’m going to like it much better, and I hope you do as well.

I’ll be in touch again soon…ride safe.