DC trip – 3rd set of photos

The pictures in this entry were taken on Sunday, May 27th; the day of the Demonstration Ride to show the politicians in Washington, D.C. that millions of us citizens still care about those that remain MIA (Missing In Action) or POW (Prisoner of War) from all the wars and police actions our soldiers have participated in around the world.  Over a million motorcyclists joined with the Rolling Thunder organization to use the sounds of our bikes to make our nation’s capitol aware that we will never forget, and that we will continue to demonstrate until every one of those soldiers come home.

Hotels all around Washington DC hosted different motorcyclists from around the world.  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Tyson’s Corner.  The picture above shows the group from Rolling Thunder Indianapolis staging getting ready to leave at 6AM for the Pentagon, the staging area for the ride.

Upon our arrival to the Pentagon’s north parking lot, we found several thousand motorcycles already there.