More parts in the garage

Getting close to having all the parts in for the winter upgrade and maintenance needs for the Ultra.  Front ABS brake pads, ABS encoder wheel bearings, standard wheel bearings, and the Monotubes and shocks have all arrived and are sitting in their boxes in the garage.

Last night brought about the ordering of new Dunlop Elite 3 tires, which UPS shows will be delivered here tomorrow.  These tires blow away the standard HD tires, as well as the aftermarket rubber from Metzeler, Michelin, and other brands.  The Elite 3s were originally designed for the Gold Wings, and they easily handle the weight of the 860+ pound Ultra, it’s 200 pound rider, the 30 pounds of gear, and the occasional passenger on the back.  The Elites do not track on bridge grates or tar snakes, and they stick to the asphalt when one gets too hot going into the curves of a fun-riding road.  I get around 20K on a set of these Elites, and not really in the need of changing them yet…but will need to do so by the time the Alaska trip comes around, so it will be the last thing to get done on the bike when it gets put up on the lift for several weeks.

According to my list, everything is now here on will be by tomorrow regarding suspension upgrades. Even picked up a front fender mud flap, especially designed for motorcycles, to keep from throwing the expected gravel and mud back into my oil cooler and all over the pretty chromed engine.  I expect the bike to get very filthy, not much I can do about that.  But I would like to prevent as much damage by the way of a rock getting throw against something important, or too many paint chips.  I am planning on taking it off the bike when I get back, probably not going to get me any style points from the local riding crowd.

Time to go find a decent warm, waterproof riding seat of leather or mesh to take on the trip.  I have leather already, but would like something that comes with riding armor, as well as offers more flexibility for the different temperature ranges and the changes of precipitation.  The recliner is calling my name…a perfect place to veg for the night while surfing the Internet for great deals that are just waiting to be found.

Oh…today, two weeks, no tobacco.  It’s getting a little easier each day.  Talking to a friend of mine who quit smoking over twenty years this past weekend.  He said he still gets the cravings even two decades later.  Guess I’ll just have to find a new focus in my life to concentrate my energy on as a replacement.  Since I changed my dieting/exercising start date around with my stop smoking date, guess that will be coming up soon enough.  So in the meantime…time to “Live Mas”…time for some Taco Bell for dinner.  Need to build up some good time eating memories, for those days of eating carrots and yogurt that will be coming along soon enough.