Journey Logbook is now live

The Alaska adventure and some feedback I received upon return got me thinking about a way that somebody could document their adventure, journey, vacation, trip of a lifetime…in a very easy to do format that didn’t take up much time and take away from the enjoyment of the time away from home.   When on that great adventure, we’re not sure exactly what to document.  And after doing it for a few days on notebook paper, it becomes tedious.  So we stop doing it.  Then we get home, and can’t remember the name of that mom-and-pop restaurant that we wanted to tell everybody about.

Well, some friends and I have been testing some solutions…and this morning Journey Logbook was launched.  Offering EIGHT different logbooks for the traveler, these adventure journals make it easy for the user to document what they want to document.

I’ll skip the big sales pitch.  Check out the links below.  If you can Share or Like our site, Facebook, or Twitter pages, we’d really appreciate it!  If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.  And, if you get one or more versions, let me know what you think about them…especially after using them for your future journeys.  I plan to continually update these in the future!





Latest updates and an announcement of something for everybody that travels

After the Alaska trip and the 20+ part ride report I placed here, I heard from quite a few people that stated that they wished they had an easy way to document their trips, vacations, adventures, journeys, what-have-yous.  Of course, this got me to thinking…and led to lots of follow-up questions, discussions with many others, and throwing some ideas down on paper.  The result is something that will make anybody a wizard at capturing details of the future journeys that they take.  You’ll never forget the name of a great restaurant, the contact info of somebody you meet, or those road names that took you to the view of a lifetime.

Stay tuned.  Just for a couple of more days.  I promise…something very interesting will be announced here.  Website is built, Facebook/Twitter accounts ready to go, even advertising is set to hit on a number of websites.  I’m just waiting on two graphics to get reworked for the website…then I’ll launch the idea.  Few more days!

Due to the fact I have been working on the project above, I’ve not catalogued any more rides this summer.  So, how about a quick update to get everybody caught up?