A matter of perspective

Was recently asked how far the planned Alaska motorcycle trip is going to be in overall distance, of which I answered around 9,600 miles.  The other person couldn’t comprehend that distance very well other than it was a lot of miles, and asked me to make that easier to correlate to something down here in the continental US of A.

The longest distance between two points within the contiguous lower 48 states is Point Arena, California on the west coast, and West Quoddy Head, Maine (famous for it’s lighthouse) on the east coast.  Those two points are approximately 2,892 miles apart as the crow flies.

So, you wake up one morning in Point Arena, get a serious craving for your grandma’s “famous” snicker-doodle cookies, and decide to visit your grandmother near West Quoddy.  You jump in the car, and drive for days to get to the east coast.  As soon as you pull into the driveway at granny’s beach-side home simply worn out from the long drive, you realize that you did not lock the front door of your house.  So…you drive all the way back for days, and upon your much more exhausted arrival back to the sounds of the Pacific Ocean near your condo’s doorstep, you jump out of the car, lock the front door, and get back into the car.

You now have a simply incurable desire for cookies from your granny even though all you want to do right now is sleep for a week, but the desire is so strong that you once more drive back to Maine.  Once you get there, now feeling the most exhausted you have ever felt in your life, you see the note on the front door that states that granny went to visit her sister in Pittsburgh, PA (which you have already passed three times on this one trip)…so you turn the car around and go see the maker of wonderful snicker-doodle cookies in the Steel City.  Upon getting there, the craving for something that has bugged you to complete for a long time is fulfilled.

My personal snicker-doodle awaits me.


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