A Vstrom Upgrade

Last winter, the Ultra Classic received a ton of work to ready it for the trip to Alaska in June 2014 that has to get rescheduled for June 2015. It was a enlightening experience learning the ins-and outs of suspension work on the Harley.  Even with the work, it just was not the right bike for me to take on this trip.  So the Vstrom was purchased, and it did a great job this summer of taking me to Utah, Colorado, Virginia, and other places.

Well, another round of serious motorcycle maintenance has been completed.  Some marathon sessions over a period of two weeks during entire weekends and the occasional after work garage party allowed the Vstrom to receive a bunch of upgrades/maintenance:

Valve check completed, 2 in spec, 6 needed adjustment
Throttle bodies sync
Throttle bodies access leads installed
Iridium lifetime spark plugs installed
Air filter installed
Radiator fluid changed
Sasquatch custom rear shock installed
SonicSprings front fork springs installed
Wheel bearings inspected
New front/rear brake pads installed
Steering head bearings replaced
New cush drive pads installed
New rear tire installed
Handguards installed
Voltmeter wiring ran
Permanent Garmin GPS wiring ran
Flash2Pass garage door transmitter installed
Probably a dozen more things I cannot recall right now

Much of the bike is gone
Front end on vacation
Custom rear shock, awesome ride quality

Lots of work getting all this pulled together. A quick shout-out to Brian, a friend who offered up his garage and time to help get this completed.  This guy knows bikes, and it was like watching a kid in a candy store the way he helped out and shared information.  He triple checked everything, greased every bolt as he went, and even let me ride one of his bikes while mine was on the lift.  Much appreciated!

Also promised to let others know about the Sasquatch shock.  Jay at www.adventurepowersports.us takes stock OEM shocks (which are usually designed for small, 160 pound guys) and rebuilds them to a rider’s weight, carrying weight, and the type of riding.  I talked to Jay on the phone for a good while and he was very thorough with asking all the right questions.  Now that the shock is dialed in, it rides much better than stock.  So, Jay is definitely recommended.  And, he’s got some killer pricing!

So, more updates to come over the winter of preparations for Alaska…but the major things are done.  Bike is ready to go, I have all the gear I need, funds are set aside, time from work is promised, and health doing pretty good.  Wish I could go tomorrow.  Countdown clock shows 212 days until pull out of the driveway time comes around.  So, I’ll share some more prep info over the next few months in case anybody is interested.

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