April’s weather is supposed to be showers, not snow

April is upon us and here at the Crossroads of America, it sure feels like the beginning of February.  Light snow showers and cold winds are not the normal and make us really wish for the sixty degree days that should be upon us right now.

Been a lot of months since the last update.  Lots of things happening both personally and in the family so blogging has been at the bottom of the list.  That hasn’t kept me from setting up the final touches on some rides I’ve thought about for the last couple of years though.

The winter was spent planning this year’s rides.  Later this month hopefully finds warmer weather as a friend and I shall make an oval path into Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina as we try to find some very serious curvy country roads to welcome in the new riding season.  Looking forward to doing some camping off the motorcycle as well so hopefully the weather cooperates.

Been planning another epic adventure to try to meet or exceed last year’s Alaska journey.  Putting the finishing touches on a journey to the Pacific Northwest…starting in South Dakota, and going through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California before taking a different route back home.  This ride knocks out over a dozen of my bucket list items of specific roads to ride and sights to see.  More information to come.  Looking to met up with Rob from the Alaska adventure on this trip as well.


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