ATLAS Throttle Lock review revisited

Somebody asked me recently how the ATLAS Throttle Lock that I had big kudos for back in 2015 was holding up. So, how about a quick update?

The ATLAS was first reviewed by me prior to my big Alaska adventure, here: Reviews of 2 new products. I had back then given it a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and still concur with that number. To me, very few things warrant a perfect rating since nothing is perfect…but the ATLAS still maintains itself as being one heck of a product after more than 40,000 miles using it.

This throttle lock continues to work well and still performs exactly as I mentioned in my previous review. A little tough to engage (which is a good thing) but very easy to disengage (which is a much better thing). Adjusting the throttle to control the speed of the bike is still very easy to do; with the ATLAS engaged, the throttle rotates with little effort both to increase and decrease the velocity of forward momentum.

There’s actually a very long thread on the ADV Rider forum HERE in which the creator regularly communicates with members to answer their questions. David has always been very quick to respond to inquiries and provides excellent customer service for this product.

So if you are in need of a throttle lock that works with many of the bikes out there, check out the ATLAS. I expect this throttle lock to outlast my bike…and if it does, I’ll just move it over to the next bike! Asphalt Journey recommended!

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