I swear…it followed me home…

There’s been a new addition to the family just a week ago:

Suzuki DR650…2008…33K miles on the odometer.  Doesn’t look like much…but previous owner farkled it really good. I’ll put up a post down the road on what all comes on her.  Prior owner was an older lady who took very good care of this bike.  Like me, it also has been to Alaska…and parts of Canada…and a tour of Nova Scotia…among other places.


ATLAS Throttle Lock review revisited

Somebody asked me recently how the ATLAS Throttle Lock that I had big kudos for back in 2015 was holding up. So, how about a quick update?

Helinox Chair Zero review (and comparison to Chair One)

Helinox has a new chair out called the Chair Zero, which is supposed to be their lightest chair and very similar to their model known as the Chair One. I’m a big fan of Helinox products so I purchased it and decided to do a comparison with my current Chair One. I only need one travel chair and had to figure out which one to keep.

Of course, in my typical style, this turned into a very in-depth review of the products. So you understand how these two chairs fit with me, I’m about 5’10” and 210 pounds. Also, my wife says I’m handsome and my dogs love me, especially at dinner time….just in case that’s also need to know info.