Autumn has appeared

November has appeared and the the first nights of near freezing temperatures have already shown their selves.  This week is unseasonably warm with temperatures in the middle seventies…a vast difference from last year when it was nearly a freezing rain on the night of trick or treating.

Feedback from the Journey Logbook site have been very positive.  I had wondered how others would view them before they were published but it appears that each of the eight different logbooks have been well received.  With Christmas coming, they make for very inexpensive but unique presents for family and friends.  I have received some requests to create additional different types of logbooks so I may look into that over the course of the cold winter that will soon be here.

The Vstrom gets the occasional ride still but with lowering temperatures, it finds itself spending more time in the garage.  It will get ridden throughout the colder months but just not as often.

Life continues to go by at a very fast pace.  Plans are being made with Rob (one of the duo that joined me for the Alaska trip) for another simply epic ride that we hope will be possible this coming summer.  I shall belay the details for now and create its own blog posting for that information.  Rest assured, we are ensuring that we do everything we can to ensure that this become yet another adventure that is undertaken; hopefully without broken bones and damages to thy riding steed this time around.

Enjoy the autumn….

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