Bad news, good news

Life is such a challenge, isn’t it?  One sees a direction in front of them and after aligning their selves to easily surmount the obstacles to each side, some barrier arises in which it becomes impossible to continue.

The 2014 Alaska trip is no longer.  It has been ascertained that taking 23 days off at this time presented too many issues with other obligations that life presents to me on a daily basis.  I am able to venture out on two wheels for a period of sixteen days, but this prevents me from having the length of time needed to accomplish my personal goals of what the Alaska trip would be about.  So, bad news is that the Alaska adventure, for this year, is not possible.  I will attempt to do the Last Frontier in 2015, should all the stars align perfectly next year.

However, being able to take sixteen days off will allow me to postpone one bucket list trip on a motorcycle and to move up another trip that can be done in the given time frame.  So, all is not lost…and I am sure that I will experience lifetime memories on this trip as well.  So…where to?  Drum roll….little bit more…shade more…ok, that’s enough.

I shall be headed to Utah.  Via a serpentine passage through Colorado, I shall enter the Beehive State at Cisco, and exit at Kayenta, Arizona before hightailing past the famous Four Corners and headed back to the Hoosier state.  The plan is to ride like the wind across the Midwest and Plains states to reach the wonderful scenery and the mountainous curvy roads of Colorado, at which point I shall back off the throttle and mosey along as the miles become conquered.  I have the route already laid out since it was a bucket list trip on my list, and should be very doable.  Perhaps I’ll put up a pic of the route in a near future posting.

When it was established that I would not be able to go to Alaska, I was very disappointed.  Plans had been made for months, with a friend who still will be going up north, and much research of routes and sites to see had been completed.  But I come to realize something…appreciation.  Sometimes life changes for reasons we do not understand, but I appreciate the fact that life has treated me well enough that I am able to take such journeys in my life.

A few days ago, I was in downtown Indianapolis when a homeless person approached me, asking for a few dollars for bus fares.  I watched him grab the next bus and make the payment with some of the funds I had handed over.   I think back to this gentleman, struggling to find enough funds to pay for temporary transportation to get from point A to point B in life…and I was frustrated about the prospect of having to put a journey of ten thousand miles on an extravagant motorcycle on hold.

So, I am blessed that I am able to go to another of my dream ride locations this summer, leaving on the same date as originally planned but returning a week earlier.  In a way, being able to leisurely ride the pavement for days and to appreciate what I am seeing every second would overshadow the hustle of tying to make Alaska and back in just one more week of given time.  There’s always 2015 for Alaska…but I am focusing on Utah for now.

If my luck holds out, tomorrow may allow me to bring a new tool into the home that I have wanted for many years, but never been able to afford, find, and acquire.  We’ll see if I have built up enough good karma to allow this set of stars to align and for something off my bucket list to materialize.  Stay tuned.


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