Down to double digits!

This Alaska trip has been in the planning stages for years.  It is something my mom and I talked about every once in a while when she was alive because she always said it was the most beautiful place on Earth that everybody should see.

Today, looking at my computer’s countdown clock, I watched it as it tripped to 99 days remaining before departure.  To me it is a very large milestone and it actually feels like it is right around the corner.  Think about it…January 1st seems like it was here only yesterday, yet today is pretty close to the half way mark between the new year and the departure date.  I am definitely stoked.

Just a few more days!

The UPS man delivered my new “Goin’ to Alaska” tires a few days ago.  Revzilla, probably the best company in the world when it comes to customer service, sent out a set of the Mitas E07 Dakar motorcycle tires to my door. These tires were made in the Czech Republic, have found their way to me, and at least one of them will find a home in Alaska until it gets recycled and made into something else…probably about 100 future door stops.  The cycle of life…or rubber.

Made for asphalt, dirt, and off-road usage, these tires should get me up to Fairbanks or so and then get replaced with at least a new rear tire to get me back to the Hoosier state.  My current plan is to get them put on about two weeks before departure.

Mighty meaty Mitas!

Not much else on the list to get for the trip.  It’s easy to keep buying this, that, and another one of those…but eventually it has to stop or else there won’t be a place left to sit on the bike.  Now that I’ve got everything that is going with me, I’ll probably spend some time this weekend sorting out where to get it all on the motorcycle.  Then the purge begins to get it all to fit.  Kind of like a jigsaw puzzle I imagine.

Oh, and before I go…somebody emailed me the following….which I respond, “thanks”.  Thought I would share it with everybody.

Bear attack survival 101

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