Everything but the kitchen sink

Been working a few late evenings at work this week, and with our busy season coming up over the next two months, figured this may one of the last chances to get a few days off.  With the weekend in the middle, I’ve been able to corral five days in a row to get some other things done.  One of the things on the Alaska trip needs was to get everything together that I plan to take on the trip, and then purge a bunch and get the rest on the bike to ensure that I had enough space.

So, after some purging, this is what I plan to take on the Alaska trip to keep me comfortable over the more than three weeks I will be riding up north:

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the gear that will be coming along:

Row 1

REI Quarter Dome T2+ tent.  Great ratings, seam waterproofed but I did it as well.
Eureka Dual Temp 20/40 sleeping bag.  Flip over  for colder temperatures.
Exped Synmat 9 LW sleeping pad.  Better than the different cots I tried, including the LuxuryLite.
Helinox Chair One.  Compact and comfortable, I put rubber cane tips on end for more support.
REI tent footprint for the T2+.  Expensive, but needed to protect tent flooring; can use as tarp if needed.
MSR Groundhog tent stakes.  Very strong stakes, great ratings, and extremely light.
Ka-Bar Cutlass machete.  For clearing brush, chopping smaller limbs, or protection.
Stanley Camp cookset w/ piezo stoves and iso-propane fuel cans (black bag).
Bodum insulated coffee press (green bag).  Gotta have the morning coffee!
Paracord, 50 foot.  For hanging food and toothpaste from the trees in  bear country.
O2 Cool folding fan.  Background noise, and cool breeze on face while sleeping.
EMGO 6-foot motorcycle jumper cables.  Nobody carries these…but I have helped two others with them.
Stop & Go “the Tire Plugger” repair kit.  Because if you don’t have it, you will need it.
Accu-gage tire gauge.  Accurate and flexible.
Slime air compressor.  Works well, compact for storage.
Small funnel.  For oil, fluid, whatever.
Misc. ty-wraps.  Oh, and un-pictured duct tape….in case I need to limp to the dealer.
(4) MSR liter-size fuel bottles.  Gives about a gallon…anything more needed, I’m pushing.
(4) innovative Storage Solutions saddlebag tool holder canvas bags loaded with tools.  Uses the unused space at bottom of saddlebags!

Row 2

Mountain House dehydrated meals and Clif snack bars in Sea to Summit eVac Dry Sack bag.  Gotta eat when McDonald’s isn’t around.
Wool blanket.  In case a 20 degree sleeping bag isn’t warm enough.
CREE knock-off LED flashlight.  It works, casts a lot of light, and only $3 on Amazon.
Harbor Freight work LED light.  Came free with purchase there, looks pretty decent.
(2) headlamps.  To see at night and leaving hands free.
Coleman Micropacker compact lantern.  For inside the tent when blogging or moving files around.
Repel Sportsmen MAX 40% Deet .  The mosquitoes are as big as birds up north.
Coppertone Sport 50 SPF sunscreen.  Hate riding with severe sunburn.
Sony VCT-R100 tripod.  Got if for $7, packs down to 14″.
Ultra-Pod II tripod.  Can strap to anything, very quick setup to use.
Sea to Summit HeadNet.  Because of the mosquitoes when camping.
Falcon Super Sound air horn.  Hopefully scares the bears away.
UDAP Bear Deterrent.  Last defense before being eaten.
Sawyer Mini water filter kit in Eagle Creek Pack-It System bag.  In case I get thirsty after running out of bottled water.
Bestek 4-way socket adapter.  Charges every electronics device I have, on the bike through a SAE connector under seat.
Electrical tape and 25” of heat resistant wire.  For repairs.
Rite in the Rain All-Weather Journal waterproof paper.  To take notes as I go, regardless of weather.
(2) Sony CR2032 batteries.  For a dead fob.  Have helped many others by having these on the road.
Extra fuses in waterproof bottles including 40A maxi-fuse.  Hopefully gets things working again.
Master Lock Python cable lock.  To secure helmet, jacket, tourpack, whatever when bike not visible.
Leatherman Wingman multi-tool and nylon case.  Every once needs to carry one.
Joe Rocket Manta magnetic tank bag.  Storage on the empty space in front of me.

Row 3

Stanley Adventure flask, 8 ounce.  Whiskey, rum, whatever floats my boat.
IKEA Ordning egg timer, converted to rotating action camera time lapse device.  Awesome idea I found online.
(2) Pakgaroo 20 ounce insulated bottles.  Love these, use them daily at work and while working out.
iPad 2 with Logitech Ultrathin keyboard and iPad Roocase.  Because I don’t want to bring a big laptop to blog.
Garmin Zumo 660 GPS and case.  GPS has to go somewhere when off bike at night.
inReach SE satellite tracker and USA Gear case.  So I can be followed by loved ones like Big Brother.
(3) Amazon Basics Universal travel cases for electronics.  Simply awesome carrying cases.
(5) Amazon Basics hard carrying cases .  Does great job of protecting hard drives, cameras, etc.  2 of these fit in the Amazon Universal case.
RavPower FileHub wireless SD card reader.  How I move files from iPad to hard drive without having a computer.
Buffalo Ministation 1TB hard drive.  Main storage drive.
(2) Drift Innovation Ghost-S action cameras.  To record parts of the journeys for the wife and winter viewing.
Buffalo Ministation 500GB hard drive.  Backup drive.
Nikon AW110 waterproof/shockproof camera with CaseLogic DCB-302 carrying case.  Does lousy indoors, outdoor shots look great.
Vivitar lens case, used for storage of extra 64GB SD cards for cameras.  Can never have enough SD cards.

Row 4

HJC  IS-2 half helmet.  Some days I just don’t want to be trapped in a full-face.
Shark Evoline 3 ST modular helmet with Sena SMH10.  Some days I want to have more protection.
Harley Davidson hi-viz rain gear.  Works well.  Hopefully the stuff in Row 5 IS waterproof and I don’t have to bring this.
FirstGear (Warm-N-Safe) heated jacket liner.  Because no matter where, there’s always a chance of cold front coming through.
First Gear (Warn-N-Safe) heated gloves.  I have old man hands; they get very cold, very easily.
FirstGear (Warm-N-Safe) wireless dual controller.  Look ma, no wires to stay warm!
Harley Davidson riding gloves.  In case of a get off, some hand protection.
Harley Davidson Touring Handbook.  Paper maps to supplement the breakable GPS.
Traveler’s Guide to Alaskan Camping.  I cheated…I scanned this and have it on the iPad.
The Milepost 2014.  Same as above, have a PDF and won’t bring this humongous resource in paper form.
Electronics charging cables stored in ZipLock bags.  Easy accessing the right charging cables per device.

Row 5

Harley Davidson jacket.  Waterproof, has a removable liner, reflective graphics, and has built-in armor.  No brainer, although not Klim quality.
Harley Davidson riding pants.  No longer taking, didn’t fit.  Got some FirstGear overpants from a friend to wear.
Misc  straps and bungee nets.  To hold all the above junk onto the bike.

Not pictured (forgot to put in picture)

First aid kit in roll bag.  And it holds a lot.

So yep…lots of stuff.  And, believe it or not, I still have quite a bit of space left so that I can pick up and bring back any souvenirs.  The main advantage to a big touring bike like a Ultra Classic is that it offers tons of storage room which makes bringing along all of the above very easy to do.

According to the countdown clock:
Enough for now…got non-Alaska related things I need to get done while off work.

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