Glenwood Springs to Montrose, CO

A low day of miles, a great day of riding.  A breakfast of waffles at the Best Western Antlers in Glenwood Springs started out a beautiful Tuesday.  Nice motel, but problems abound with an evening manager at check-in repeatedly belittling her poor worker repeatedly in front of her guests.  Not sure I would recommend it just for the attitude of the poorly trained and supervised manager on duty.

Anyways, a hour was spent performing chain maintenance on the Vstrom in the parking lot and giving the bike a quick look over.  I was bound and determined to delay my start this morning so as to rest, but the nice 58 degree outdoors bathed in uninterrupted sunlight simply called me out on the road.  Traffic was light for a Tuesday morning at 8:30 and I quickly found my way back to my desired route.

CO-82 took me to CO-133, a nice ride intermixed with canyon carving and twist turning…which had nothing on the them when compared to CO-92 which took rider and bike back into the mountains once again for a simply unbelievable experience.  Today’s 4.5 hour ride of 162 miles finished by taking a very windy ride on US-50 into Montrose.

Lunch was had on a Big Mac at Mickey D’s, while I waited for a friend to show up who I had previously made arrangements to meet with in the area.  A couple cold ones were had, followed by dinner at a decent Chinese restaurant while accompanied by his girlfriend.  The three of us have had an enjoyable time together and we will ride southward together tomorrow as I continue to conquer more of the best riding roads in the country.

So, a few of the many photos taken today.



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