Hashtag and Like Overkill

Today’s weather was bad enough that we had to postpone taking the Ultra out for the needed test ride to ensure that the previous rear end work has been performed properly.  In fact, Mother Nature treated my friend who is hosting the repair center where my Harley calls its temporary home to the amazing spectacle of a tornado, which he caught on digital tape.  Amazing footage, only a couple miles away.  Glad he and his wife survived without personal incident; there was quite a bit of damage from the string of tornadoes that touched down here in Indiana.

So while the weather prevented some much needed riding bliss, and caused all the local channels to constantly interrupt the broadcasted football games on the tube, I spent much of the afternoon both heading to and from our tornado safe area in the house when the winds got bad.  In between the jaunts of yelling for the two dogs to take refuge, I did some network backups and spent the time doing some online research.  All the while, many bored people around the grand Hoosier state that I know were also bored and spending their time online.

Which leads me to rant and rave about the things in social media I cannot stand.  So I give you my top problems with social media:

1.  Hashtag hell.  I follow a few Twitter feeds, and lately, somebody posts about six words, usually using acronyms I cannot figure out easily, followed by strings of hashtags to connect to other feeds.  Example:  “Wlkd dog, wtchg TV.  #TV #golden #retrievers #walking #outandabout #whatever.”  Seriously?

2.  The stalking reassurer on Facebook.  I am so tired of seeing people post something like:  “Pic of me and my cousin”, and posting a picture.  There’s 4-5 people I am friends with, that whenever they do this, 30 people need to Like it, and comment along the lines of “u r so pretty” or “still looking awesome”, etc.  Is it that the poster has deep routed insecurity issues, that they need to post something all the time to try to get the positive reassurance from others all the time?  The more compliments they receive, the more they keep posting pictures.

3.  Selfies.  Anybody else just ready to start smacking those people who seem to post nothing but selfies to the world?  It started with nine year old girls keeping the cameras as arm’s length, and kiss pouting their lips.  Now adults are doing it too.  I’m starting to think that they pissed everybody else off trying to get compliments online, and now have nobody to take their picture anymore?

4.  The online alcoholic.  Got any friends that seem to do an evening update, who take a picture of them holding a wine glass, a new imported beer, or a shot of whiskey…all the while talking about how they have been looking forward to sitting down and relaxing with it?  Am I the only one around, that if I was a employer or a loan officer and found your profile, would refuse to want anything to do with you?  How come people don’t realize just how much of an alcoholic they are making themselves to appear to others?

5.  The addicted liker.  Depending on how your account is set up on FB (hey, an acronym!), you can see when your friends like something.  Well, at about 2:35PM today, one of my online friends liked about 7,348 things in a row in just a few minutes.  Ok, not that many…but at least 15.  I can sleep better knowing that not only do they like the new Sandra Bullock movie AND they like the new Pampers that is being sold.  Did I mention that twenty seconds later, they liked a certain winery too?

Social media websites got really big in the early 2000s, and each new technology makes it easier for people to bug one another online even more…and to stay a little more distant from each other.  Last night, I spent time with a house full of friends.  OMG, it reminded me of the 1990s..where friends actually spent time together and conversed in person.  It was fun, LOL!!!!!  (Yes, I hate the tons of exclamation marks AND THE TYPING IN CAPS THAT SO MANY PEOPLE DO NOW.  STOP YELLING, EVERYBODY!
So, a few of my online pet peeves.  See?  Told you I needed some motorcycle riding today.  Oh well, maybe next weekend!

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