How to read the blog entries in order

Have had a few people ask me how they can read about the Alaska trip in order of the days that happened.  Well, blog writing simply throws the latest posts on the top and you end up having to scroll down and clicking “Older Posts” a dozen times to get to the first post of the ride series.  And then you have to back up, read the posting, then back up higher to get to the next day.  It is a headache of a way to read about a trip if you have not been reading the entries each day as they are posted…but that’s the way a blog works.

On the right side of the blog in the Blog Archives box are links to postings.  Even though the Alaska trip started in June 2015, I actually started the write-ups when I got home in July 2015 (so pick that as your starting month if you just want to read about the actual journey).

Have received lots of emails…feel free to use the Contact page to touch base with me if you have any questions or want to bounce ideas regarding your own trip up north off of me…glad to help however I can.

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