I swear…it followed me home…

There’s been a new addition to the family just a week ago:

Suzuki DR650…2008…33K miles on the odometer.  Doesn’t look like much…but previous owner farkled it really good. I’ll put up a post down the road on what all comes on her.  Prior owner was an older lady who took very good care of this bike.  Like me, it also has been to Alaska…and parts of Canada…and a tour of Nova Scotia…among other places.

I talked to Sarah (previous owner) at length, had a friend drive me all the way to nearly Tennessee, and we put it on a trailer to bring her back to her new home.  I was a little nervous about the test ride there…never rode one of these DRs before; you just cannot find them used for sale around here since most people love them and only sell them if they need money are are retiring from riding.  The test ride…was heaven.  I’ll explain why later.

Going to add a few things (again, future post updates) and get comfortable with this bike and spend some time riding it on some two-lane highways down to some gravel and dirt roads…and maybe some muddy roads…and maybe a trail here and there…and maybe a few planned water crossings.  That’s what it is really designed for.  Works okay on the highway…but marvels at being off the asphalt.

I had bought my 2007 Vstrom DL650 in 2014 to get me to Alaska and back in 2015.  That journey required lots of miles on lots of asphalt to get to the gravel and dirt riding roads.  Once there….just a few days at a lot slower pace…then lots of miles back.  That trip required a bike mostly setup for touring.  It was comfortable…it was dependable…and it got me back home even after a terrible accident where both it and were almost destroyed.    That bike has over 60,000 miles and still runs like new.   I had named this bike “Faith” when I bought it…since I needed lots of that to take this unknown bike to Colorado to ride the mountain passes and really didn’t know what the motorcycle could do yet. She’s lived up to her name completely.

So…what to name the DR?  Not sure yet.  Think I’m going to default right now to “Hope” and see how long that sticks.  Why?  Because with this bike…I hope to ride it some day down to the tip of South America…Ushuaia.  Pronounced OO-SHWAY-AH…if I can make it there, then both this bike and I would have ridden from the Arctic Circle in Alaska all the way down.

The roads in Central and South America are generally in worse condition than what they are up here.  You can pretty much, except for a few exceptions, take asphalt all the way the Americas.  However, what’s the use of going through such beautiful countries such as Belize, Colombia, Ecudaor, Peru…without riding the best roads in those countries as you go?  And those best roads…are generally dirt, gravel, and mud.  The Vstrom could technically do it…but it’s going to be a lot more fun on the less-luggage carrying DR650.

More to come.

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