Alaska Trip – Day 16


As usual, we awoke way before the planned time that we had discussed the night before and got ready to depart.  Jeffrey and I were the only people moving around in the Teslin hotel parking lot at roughly 6 AM this morning; no traffic was seen and the fuel stop was empty.  Having full tanks of gas from pumping the previous evening, we simply climbed on and headed east.  It would be well over two hours to reach another desired riding road, the Cassiar Highway, and the morning’s fresh brisk air was a welcome delight.  As usual, the ride involved heated gear for comfort, and a few pull-offs were utilized for photo taking needs.



Alaska Trip – Day 15


Today would mark a much later departure time than any other date of the trip.  The ferry would be leaving port at 12:30 and we were told to be at least an hour early.  We decided to get there a couple hours in advance so we can see how things worked there, to walk around a little, and just relax there now we were good to load onto the boat.

Still getting up before 7 AM, I went into the kitchen and ate a half bowl of Wheaties topped with a small banana.  Not a big of fan of cereal, especially grainy types, it was hard to eat more than a few spoonfuls.  By 8:30 the bikes were loaded and we had found ourselves just sitting on the beds waiting for time to fly by; which it wasn’t.  Outside it was very overcast, foggy, and not to be the best riding day.  Gloomy.  I hoped it wasn’t an indication or forecast for the day’s activities.  Tired of just sitting around, we decided to head back to yesterday’s breakfast stop, the Chilkat Bakery, to grab a doughnut and some milk.  Usually a morning coffee drinker, I had been slamming milk everywhere hoping that the calcium was helping with the healing ribs.


Alaska Trip – Day 14


The morning appeared with plenty of sunshine and some random clouds; another day in which your first breath outside made you feel real glad to be alive.  As we loaded up the motorcycles for the day’s yet undecided destination, the Pink Dolphin stayed parked in its spot while the owners were obviously sleeping soundly in some of the other rooms we were repeatedly walking past.  I closed my eyes for a second and said a little spiritual prayer to whatever higher power may be listening that this family would find their way north and back home safely.  You really do meet some good people while traveling.  Thinking of last night’s conversation brought a big smile to the face…a great way to start a day.

One of my biggest concerns the entire winter and spring as I planned and researched the Alaska adventure was what type of weather would be encountered.  In 2014, I came within weeks of leaving for the 49th state when I had a flare up with the MS.  Common sense said that it would have been foolish to do such an adventure, so I canceled it and went to Colorado instead as it was a much easier ride.  Well, June 2014 came and it was one of the wettest June’s on record for the state of Alaska.  I heard from some people that did the journey last year that it rained on them every day of their adventure.  This was not the case this year.


Alaska Trip – Day 13


Morning came around and a revisit to the Tenoso gas station at the edge of the large parking lot allowed me to once more rejuvenate from the ingestion of miniature Hostess powdered white donuts and a small container of 2% milk.  Packing the bike was once more a chore requiring usage of chest muscles and bones that had utilize the past thirty-six hours of down time for some resemblance of internal repairs.  Got to work on taking it slow, and easy.


Alaska Trip – Day 12


About 1:30 in the morning I find myself awake; exhausted from lack of sleep but unable to drift back off due to the chest and side pain that hasn’t subsided.  I know the diagnosis in Glennallen showed I cracked a couple of ribs, but this feels worse than just a little inflicted bone bruising.  They had given me a prescription to help me rest and sleep; it is doing nothing at all for me right now.  I flipped on the TV in the cabin to find something to distract me and come across the start of movie I’ve never seen…The Grey, starring Liam Neeson.  The premise is about a group of plane survivors trying to survive the wilderness and being hunted by a pack of wolves that pick them off one by one as they make a trek across the vast uninhabitable climate..

Talk about one heck of a screwed up movie.  I thought it totally blew but it did win a number of Fangoria Chainsaw Awards.  The pain wouldn’t let me return to the safety of sleep and I had no interest in watching infomercials for massive muscle building equipment that never really works.  The next two hours was a contest to see which made me winch more…my rib cage as I moved around constantly on the bed trying to find an optimal spot or the terrible overacting and bad lighting of the movie.  As the credits started rolling on the television, I flipped the tube off and forced myself to close my eyes and think about waterfalls in the Amazon.  Sleep finally appeared once more.