Latest updates and an announcement of something for everybody that travels

After the Alaska trip and the 20+ part ride report I placed here, I heard from quite a few people that stated that they wished they had an easy way to document their trips, vacations, adventures, journeys, what-have-yous.  Of course, this got me to thinking…and led to lots of follow-up questions, discussions with many others, and throwing some ideas down on paper.  The result is something that will make anybody a wizard at capturing details of the future journeys that they take.  You’ll never forget the name of a great restaurant, the contact info of somebody you meet, or those road names that took you to the view of a lifetime.

Stay tuned.  Just for a couple of more days.  I promise…something very interesting will be announced here.  Website is built, Facebook/Twitter accounts ready to go, even advertising is set to hit on a number of websites.  I’m just waiting on two graphics to get reworked for the website…then I’ll launch the idea.  Few more days!

Due to the fact I have been working on the project above, I’ve not catalogued any more rides this summer.  So, how about a quick update to get everybody caught up?

A few weeks ago, a couple friends and I headed to Farmington, MO to base-motel for four days while we explored the roads of the northern Ozarks.  From visiting Elephant Rocks State Park to finding several waterfalls to riding tons of tight curves at fast speeds, we all had a blast.  We actually met dozens of others there for a rally and I made a number of new friends.  I promise a ride report on this later…maybe when the white stuff starts sticking to the ground and I have plenty of time to write.

Oh…the ribs.  I get asked that regularly.  As you will remember, a near catastrophic accident on the Denali Highway in Alaska resulted in broken ribs and a very long, tedious journey to get the motorcycle ridden back home.  Well, I’m at 98% on the rib healing.  From this point, they won’t get better.  I still feel twinges of pain, but it’s much better than the alternative.  I’m learning some new limitations, like no more slam-dunking basketballs (okay, truth be told, I’ve never been able to do that before the accident).

And I think about that Alaska trip every single day.  And it gives me a guaranteed smile.  Everybody reading this needs to figure out a way to do that journey.  It will touch your soul.

Well, stay tuned…I promise not be a stranger once things get launched in a few days.  Enjoy the weather…the winter is coming!

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