Macbook Pro or iPad?

Sixty-two days until departure!  Seems like just yesterday that I did the last blog entry and that was two weeks ago.  Days are flying by even though the excitement is growing which usually makes time go slower with anticipation.  I think it is going so quick because I am still finding things to do in order to be the best prepared for the trip.

Need to go out and do an overnight camping trip fully loaded to test everything out.  Will try to do that in the next few weeks just to ensure the bike can handle the eight million pounds of stuff I have accumulated.  I have trimmed a few times…but then find other interesting things to bring.  Camp axe to cut wood…good idea…but takes a lot of room.  A third flashlight to back up the second one in case the first light stops working.  I found an unbelievable deal on a Macbook Pro…purchased for about half  of  value since the guy that had it had no need for it anymore.  So now I am debating whether to take the iPad, the Macbook Pro, or both in order to check emails and to keep us with this blog from time to time!

The last couple of rides on the Vstrom have shown it is running extremely well.  I am almost a little nervous to keep riding it and putting miles on it in case something goes wrong.  Almost feels like it may lose a little good karma every time it leaves the garage for spins to work or around the neighborhood.  These ‘Stroms are great bikes; so nothing to worry about.

Sixty-two days.  Actually nine weeks exactly from today.  Stoked!

2 thoughts on “Macbook Pro or iPad?

  1. looking forward to your departure. good to ride a bit to make sure the bugs are out. would pack and ride a bit too, just to get used to the extra weight.

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