An Epic Alaska Motorcycle Adventure


Six wheels.  Three men.  One quest.

Three strangers meet on the Internet and without even a single phone call among them before departing, the trio decides to embark on a ten thousand mile adventure to Alaska together. Over the course of the journey, they encounter extreme weather, exploding rabbits, a life-changing motorcycle accident, secret fanatical obsessions, the results of very bad decisions, impossible to describe scenery and unbelievable memories.

Through the thousands of miles together, riding in torrential rains and sliding around in wheel-burying mud bogs that were once roads, the trio do whatever is required to ride the endless hours. Each finds their own way to waken out of their sleep every morning; simply to repeat it all over again once more.

It started as a trip and became an epic, once in a lifetime adventure.

The trio finds that other than their love for riding motorcycles, they have almost nothing else in common. The cast of characters includes a Packers-loving cheesehead that wouldn’t make a decision, a Twins-loving guy that loved to push his bike, and a hockey-loving dog rescuer who kept making u-turns to see if the other two would follow. Their journey takes them each through both expected and unplanned circumstances. This journey to see the wonders of the state known as the Last Frontier would amaze and go beyond the expectations of all three of them; yet each would end this adventure in very different ways. The group set out to do a ride…a trip…a journey. What occurred turned out to be an epic adventure that never will be forgotten.

350 pages, with hundreds of photographs inside. Access to full-color photographs available online as well as bonus photography not in the book.  Three lives.  One tale.  One burning passion to return again.









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