Ready to go

Ready to go, bike loaded up.  Pulling out of driveway in nine hours.  Sat tracker kicks in at that time, and updates every ten minutes while device is on.

One last area of concern is the fact that the Vstrom (and most similar bikes like this) are notoriously hard to see in the dark due to the lack of reflective properties and a very small tail light.  To help with this, I installed 3M #680 reflective tape on the back of the bags.  During the day, the tape is invisible as it it is black and blends in with the black strapping design of the bags.  At night, they remain invisible until headlights find them.  The tape works really works well to keep drivers off your rear-end and make you visible…but does not detract at all from the look of the bike during the day.  And, it comes in many different available colors and is safe for most automotive and other paints.  A shot of it in the garage in the dark with a headlight aimed on it:

The asphalt calls…and great weather in store tomorrow for departure.  I will update the blog here when I can.

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