Rest Day in Alaska

After logging over 5,600 miles so far on the great Alaskan adventure, the body tells me that it is time to take a day off and relax. Since leaving over a week ago, the bike and I have logged 15-16 hour riding days as we traversed to the Last Frontier. Weather has been surprisingly cooperative; only a three hour deluge on departure day in Illinois, a three-quarter day of wetness coming through Canada, and some random short-length showers have been encountered. Very delighted about this after the weather horror stories I have heard in the past.

The great weather has allowed hundreds upon hundreds of photos and videos to be taken along the journey. This will make for some great adventure telling once I get back and actually look through the taken images. So much wildlife has been seen that no longer am I stopping to take pictures of bears, moose, elk, caribou, bighorn sheep, and many other creatures. The skies above Valdez are at times covered by gliding bald eagles, which is today’s photo capture conquest.

The Vstrom continues to ride along, much better than expected. Only a self-conducted oil change in the Walmart parking lot in Fairbanks has been required for maintenance, along with the occassional overcheck for loose bolts and drive train lubrication needs. The motorcycle did get involved in two accidents; one minor…one major. However it still continues to ride along with me…and each of those stories will come later when time to write about them is more prevelant.

No photos in this post as I am not doing any editing on this Macbook Air I brought along; many pictures will come later. And the stories to come. This trip quickly became an adventure; from exploding rabbits to massive fires reaching skyward to the cast of characters I have met along the way. So many people have their own stories…from the Goldwing rider that loves to ride day and night even though he’s well past seventy…to the countless drifters here in Valdez who seek a job on a ocean-bound fishing boat. The local dive bar was visited yesterday and the cast of characters inside and their conversations could easily become a best selling novel.

Today I look for a sitting eagle to photograph, another roll of Gorilla tape for the Vstrom to put some pieces back together, and I also plan to just sit and look at the mountains for a while which completely surround this town in their majestic glory. A quick glance outside the cabin shows two magnificent flowing waterfalls to watch.

Enjoy your day. I certainly am.

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