Six days away from a soul recharging

Right around the corner now.  Less than a week. Countdown clock shows:

Some time away just cannot come fast enough now.  Burnt out from long days at work, working on two different bikes over the past six months, and being surrounded by the idiocy of  more than one person I encounter daily.  Time for some long days of riding, with a journey to a date of evenings filled with nothing but millions of stars that shine over the galaxy to bestow on my vision as I sit in solitude and listen to the night wind.
The Vstrom, still un-named, sits in the garage…now DONE.  I have some black reflective tape (turns white when headlight beams hit them) to put on when they show up in the mail this week, but the way it looks now is the way she shall stay for some time to come.  It is time to ride, time to relax, time to awaken my soul once again.
Tires were installed…at a Honda dealership of all places…the only place within 50 miles that could get me in for non-emergency work. Apparently the dealers and riders like myself have different ideas of what constitutes a emergency.  Having good rubber on the bike before leaving for a cross-country ride constitutes a emergency in my book, but not there’s.  So..the last place I called…a Honda dealership, said “bring it on in”.  They did a good job…and may have grabbed a future customer for additional work that I may not be able to do.  My skills of motorcycle tech work have greatly increased in the past year..much thanks to my friend Mitch, but also to the desire to stop throwing hard-to-get money at dealers who charge way too much for such lousy quality service.
Time for a vacation.  Time to recharge.  Time to reconnect, with many things in my life.  Time…to find direction and some fun.
Six days…and change.

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