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It’s been weeks since an update, but only because of the atrocious weather that blew in and wouldn’t leave.  Yesterday was the first day to hit 40 degrees plus in three weeks, and today was better than usual at 28.  So, fired up the electric heater in the garage and set back to working on the Mistress.

Finally got the new deutsch connectors in and was able to finish wiring in the heated gear to the extra accessory connector under the seat.  The hardest part was ensuring that the amperage draw of the heated gear would not overwhelm the motorcycle’s switch and OEM wiring.  My WarmNSafe jacket liner is rated at 110W and the heated gloves at 15W each.  Dividing the wattage totals by the voltage of a standard 12.8 volt battery nets a total of 11 amps.  My Harley’s accessory switch supports a connection of 15 amps.  So, it is safe to utilize.

Some tie-wraps to mount the heated gear power cable to the frame and leaving some slack under the middle of the seat allows it to be grabbed through the backrest hole and fed up to attach to the jacket when needed.  The jackets has power leads in each sleeve to connect to the gloves.  When not in use, the power cord gets tucked back down under the seat out of the way.  The deutsch connector was the finishing touch to getting it installed and knocked off the to-do list.

Double-checked the new audio wiring and the associated connections I had done a month ago.  Shrink tubing worked well on the connectors to the speakers, but do have to say that the speaker wire sure does not match the rest of the yards of cabling.  Oh well, it’s hidden when the fairing is reattached.

A rainbow of cabling colors
Example of the shrink tubing
The last thing to double check was the wiring connection that is being used by the GPS that was attached to the headlight loom.  It was soldered and shrink-wrapped, and finally taped.  Noticed that the “high quality” 3M electrical tape was already coming off less than month after it has been applied.  So, going to put on some other tape and see how it well it sticks.  Not really needed with the other waterproof measures…but what the heck.
Unintentional unraveling

Out of all the months of working on the motorcycle, from doing the suspension, to tires, to brakes, to wheel bearings, to GPS wiring, to redoing the audio system wiring and connectors, to…a ton of other smaller projects, I am down to just one maintenance item.  Fix the CB.  That requires another person with a CB, and that requires a lot warmer weather.  So, time to stop for a couple more months.

Decided to start the Harley, and listen to the cadence of the engine for a good fifteen minutes.  Unless you have a Harley-Davidson in your own garage, you probably do not understand the sound of music that it makes; especially after it has sat for many weeks because the weather is horrible outside.  Listening to the deep rumbling of the V&H Monster pipes provided just the lightest of relief…took the edge off for not being able to just back it out and go for a ride.

So, what to chat about for the next few months?  Well, I have…and have acquired…a lot of new motorcycle camping and traveling gear.  How about some reviews, just in case anybody reading this blog may also would like to get some things and head out on the road?  Work has been nuts lately since we are pursing a national certification of sorts; but hopefully things slow down and I can jump on here in the next few weeks and give some input on different gear that is out there.

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