Three days until I search for a sign with Utah painted on it

A few more days!  Countdown clock currently shows:

Hoping to leave bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday morning before the sun comes up in order to get a jump through Indianapolis traffic as I head west.  I’ll probably get very little sleep the night before though.  Figured I’d go up north a little, down south a little…but mainly head in direction of the setting sun.  Plan to keep riding, and following signs like this:


Today’s entry will probably be the last before pulling out of the driveway this weekend.  I have a couple of late work nights coming up, and need to finish preps when I can on Friday after work.
One thing I have done in the past is write the required code to be able to display tracking of the motorcycle route that I am taking.  I figured I’d allow big brother (or bored netizens) to follow along as they so desire on the trip.  So the big map at the top of this blog is there for a reason, even though it would not win any beauty contests in its presentation or current design.  It ties in with Spotwalla, a free tracking site that you can register your satellite devices with it and allow others to watch the journeys that you take.  Great for family and friends.
I am planning to meet a couple of other forum members and friends while out riding this journey.  Heck, if you are following along and see that I’m getting near your area, feel free to stop by and say hello if you see me gassing up at a service station…or if you see be on the side of the road with the V-Strom sitting there dead to the world.  A picture of the bike is on the next entry down in this blog…mine will have a black waterproof bag tied down across the back seat with a white/red bag on top of it.  I have a state issued license plate from the land of Hoosiers, with a special “don’t forget” plate holder around it.  And a ADV sticker on the front windshield now.
A few days ago, a guy walked to the Suzuki as it was parked in a restaurant parking lot and gave it some very long hard looks.  Ten minutes later when I had finished my meal, I walked out to the bike and he stopped me to ask what exactly a V-Strom was.  So, if you are nearby and want a closer look at one of these bikes, feel free to mosey on over.  Middle of the night visitors while I am camping and sleeping may end up getting a inadvertent surprise that requires some explaining to law enforcement.  Keep this in mind when you come bounding up to me too.
Well, got some more miscellaneous things to prepare this evening while I have some time.  I’ll try to do some blog entries and photos as I can, however my main focus is rest, relaxation, and recharging the batteries.  And if you are so inclined to be notified of blog entries as they happen on this trip, you can sign up for notifications in the Follow By Email section on the right side of this page (emails can be delayed a few hours at times, not something I can control).
Here’s to seeing you on the road; enjoy the journey.

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