V-Strom upgrades

The weather has been very pleasant the last couple of weeks leading to today, part of the Memorial Day weekend.  Intermixing motorcycle upgrades and rides to catch some wind in the face, it actually has been somewhat enjoyable working on the V-Strom.  Just about all the major work has been completed and I do believe it is ready for its initial adventure trip.

The Suzuki came very lightly farkled (accessorized) which allowed me to put things on it to best suit my own needs and tastes.  Spending at least an hour each day after work and toiling most of the weekends working on the motorcycle has changed its overall appearance and will allow for a improved initial adventure experience.

The latest add-on include:
  • Enduro Guardian skid plate
  • Enduro Guardian highway pegs
  • Givi PLR532 Monokey quick detachable racks
  • Givi Trekker 33L side cases
  • Givi TN532 engine guard
  • MADDD radiator guard
  • MADDD oil cooler guard
  • AdventureTech fork brace
  • AdventureTech auxiliary shelf
  • AdventureTech GPS mount
  • MRA Vario windshield
  • Madstad adjustable windshield brace
  • Givi XS 308 Tanklock tank bag
  • Givi Tanklock mounting flange
  • Garmin Zumo 660 hard wire motorcycle mount kit
  • Blue Sea Systems 12 volt dash socket
  • Blue Sea Systems dual USB charger socket
  • Speeco Agri-Tube tool storage canister
  • and half dozen more things

I have also been riding the bike to work as much as I can and for running errands from the house.  I am really liking the ‘Strom.  The Mistress has been sitting in the garage for the past several weeks minus a few short-legged rides to keep the dust blown off of it.  Riding the Harley just isn’t as fun as the Strom though, and I’m giving serious consideration to possibly selling it off.  Which sucks after all the time and expense upgrading the suspension and replacing worn out parts this past winter…but it is what it is.

One thing left to do to prepare for the upcoming trip out west:  replace the tires.  Problem is that most bike repair shops are scheduling for weeks out, and will be too late to get the work done before I leave on a five thousand mile odyssey.  Will just have to keep calling shops and hoping that I can squeeze in some place.

Nineteen days left before leaving.  I am so ready for some rest and relaxation!

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