Who needs more problems?

After spending ninety minutes writing an in-depth entry for the last two day’s of riding activities only to have the lousy motel wireless corrupt the upload transfer forcing me to start over, I decided…who needs the headaches on vacation?

So, going forward, I will just post quick notes and a few pictures when I have time on the road.  In-depth entries will have to be recalled and entered at a later time…possibly.

Yesterday, got into Colorado finally.  Rode for hours to get to and ride Poudre Canyon.  Very highly recommended.  Camped for the night and had two very social visitors to keep me company…red foxes. who came within ten feet all night long and were gone in the morning.  Very skittish with camera out…got one photo on cell phone which will have to post later.

Total mileage on this day was 571 miles.
Today, Monday, had me visit the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge, Arapaho National Forest, the Continental Divide, Aspen, and more places.  Following are 5 of more than 100 photos I took; some I am saving just for me.

Today, total mileage was only 316 miles….lots of 25 and 35 MPH zones and traffic was heavy in spots.  Better write-up and more photos on these days to come at a later time.

Tomorrow I plan to head south nearly all the way down, swing west a little, and come all the way back up before heading into Utah in the next couple of days.  My main task for coming to Colorado has been completed; for the rest of the journey, I am chasing relaxation.

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